Two things in this world don't match. They should.


Billions of people need food, clothing, housing, decent jobs, healthcare, education, efficient transport and leisure facilities. Private charity and official aid are fine, but they are not enough, they are not reliable, and they can end up promoting dependency. People can provide for their own needs if they can get the tools to do the job. A few hundred billion dollars of investment can provide many of those tools, even for the largest developing countries.


At the same time, trillions of dollars are sitting idle in bank accounts of corporations and wealthy people who don't see a profitable way to invest them. With inflation gradually resuming as a result of quantitative easing, and with interest rates remaining near zero, the value of those funds is being eroded.

Strategies to match needs and funds

Governments and communities need to develop strategies for attracting investment capital to meet their human development needs.

Corporations need to act responsibly in investing sustainably so that they can maximise their long-term returns on capital while helping to achieve development goals.

Putting the two together is a major aim of Growing Capacity, Inc.